6 Things To Do With An Old Scrypt Miner

A while back I got in to Nyancoin and after an initial attempt to mine with a GPU bought a used Zeus Blizzard Scrypt miner. I ran it as a miner for a while and rapidly realised that while it was significantly better then the GPU and less likely to overheat my laptop it was […]

Improving the Performance of UKHASnet

Introduction For a long period of time I’ve suspected that the UKHASnet network is underperforming, both on a local scale but also when we’ve tried long range tests such as high altitude balloons. The RF side of the network is suprisingly complex, far more then just bitrate and frequency and was originally setup based upon […]

The Plot Thickens (Latest ESP8266 Issues)

Last week I finally got all the parts to put together the next batch of Ebulobo boards (0.4) but found that the new ESP8266 modules from China were slightly different and were very unstable in being flashed and running code. They were also drawing a lot of current both getting very hot and making the […]

Possible ESP8266 Fake or New Pinout?

After the first run of Ebulobo boards I’ve been assembling the parts to make some more nodes. I’ve updated the PCBs making sure that there is a ground plane and put some labels on the pinout. Like last time I ordered 10 RFM69HW radio modules and 10 ESP8266 modules from China via Alibaba. As always […]

Ebulobo* 0.2 (ESP8266/RFM69HW Gateway) – Part 2

*current PCBs are being named after volcanoes beginning with ‘E’ – Wikipedia As discussed in a previous post I’ve been working on a simple UKHASnet gateway and had managed to put together a prototype of a ESP8266 based gateway where the ESP communicates with the RFM69 via SPI. The original prototype was a ESP8266 deadbug soldered […]

ESP8622/RFM69 Wifi Gateway

Following the UKHASnet hackweekend there has been an increase in the popularity and extent on the UKHASnet network. I’m currently in the process of setting up a new gateway and repeater node in NE London. The repeater node is going to be solar powered and mounted on a balcony and while its hoped that this […]

UKHASnet Hack Weekend 2016 – Isle of Wight

After the success of the first UKHASnet Hack Weekend it was all agreed to rendezvous again but this time stay in a single place to work on UKHASnet projects. We were able to hire a house on the Isle of Wight where 10 people assembled on the friday after successfully negotiating the ferry and then […]

Getting into Nyancoin

While following the ups and downs of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies I stumbled upon xPool.net which is a p2pool node with 0% fees. Looking through the various coins I saw nyancoin which I recognised as being one of those altcoins that starts with a big hype and then completely collapses (with the early adopter probably walking away […]