Measuring Battery Voltage on LPC812 (ADC)

I’ve been working on a prototype for an updated jam jar node, after the success of the ukhasnet hackweekend in 2015 and felt that actually jam jars are a good enclosure for floating nodes. The jam jar node that we launched (AI3) ran on batteries which would have only lasted a few days so ideally […]

UKHASnet Hack Weekend

Individual node descriptions to follow in future posts, pictures from Phil Crump and Dave Brooke After much discussion and very little planning a group of 10 people meet up in Southampton for a weekend of hacking UKHASnet nodes. The plan was to spend Saturday building, programming and setting up UKHASnet nodes and then on the Sunday […]

Redsands Sensor Node (RED1)

As well as a full repeater node powered by a solar/lipo combination I’m planning to install a second smaller sensor node on Redsand Forts. The aim will that the sensor node will pass data back through the main RED0 node and therefore it doesn’t need to be ideally placed for reception. Sensor nodes don’t repeat […]