The Plot Thickens (Latest ESP8266 Issues)

Last week I finally got all the parts to put together the next batch of Ebulobo boards (0.4) but found that the new ESP8266 modules from China were slightly different and were very unstable in being flashed and running code. They were also drawing a lot of current both getting very hot and making the […]

Possible ESP8266 Fake or New Pinout?

After the first run of Ebulobo boards I’ve been assembling the parts to make some more nodes. I’ve updated the PCBs making sure that there is a ground plane and put some labels on the pinout. Like last time I ordered 10 RFM69HW radio modules and 10 ESP8266 modules from China via Alibaba. As always […]

Solar/Capacitor UKHASnet Node

Introduction There are a number of ways of powering UKHASnet nodes, indoor nodes┬ásuit having a permanent supply such as power from a usb port or a wall wart/socket but for outdoor nodes you usually need a power source such as a battery or solar powered. Solar power is both an awesome power source as its […]