Redsands Sensor Node (RED1)

As well as a full repeater node powered by a solar/lipo combination I’m planning to install a second smaller sensor node on Redsand Forts. The aim will that the sensor node will pass data back through the main RED0 node and therefore it doesn’t need to be ideally placed for reception. Sensor nodes don’t repeat data and therefore can turn off their radios in between beacons saving considerable power. It therefore will run just on batteries.

  • ATMega328 DIP chip
  • RFM69HW
  • MPL3115A2 i2c Pressure and Temperature Sensor
  • Stripboard
  • MCP1700
  • 2 * 3 Lithium Energizer AA
  • Sealable box

The node will be re-using the original AB node board (which has now been replaced by a Moteino + Moxon). I’ll be adding a spare i2c sensor board and using the sparkfun library. Antenna will be a 1/4 wave ground plane out of the top of the box.