Setting up a UKHASnet Network

After moving house at the beginning of September have finally got round to rebuilding my UKHASnet network. Where I live now will hopefully be ideal as the house is 3 stories, with good views to the north towards the Kent North Downs.

First step was to setup a gateway, for this I used the old AB node connected to my old Macbook running a ruby upload script. As I’d moved location I had to reflash the LPC810 with the new location, despite it now having a new location it only sends the position on boot and with the current setup it misses that first packet – will have to have the new location manually uploaded to the server.

AB node:

  • LPC81022061246412_ca01df2288_o
  • RFM69HW running at 100mW
  • 1/4 wave wire (no ground plane)
  • USB-serial adapter (old aerocomm development board), also provides power.

On booting the AB node gateway I was pleased to see that AH6 node was still functioning, this is a Moteino (arduino) connected to an Adafruit Solar/Lipo Charger with a 2000mAh Lipo and a large solar panel. Its been outside for over 6 months and when I moved I placed it in the window (but not in an optimal position). It was still functioning 1 month later though the battery voltage had dropped to 3.54V and the node was in ‘zombie’ mode so was only beaconing. Again the node was set up to transmit the old location so needed to be programmed, opening the box I found that the lipo battery was quite puffy. I replaced this lipo with a rescued lipo from a old macbook battery, reprogrammed the node with the new location and have installed the node into the garden. Unfortunately our garden doesn’t get very muc21885827988_f2e4a2ab85_oh sunlight (as it is on the north side of the house) so it’ll be interesting to see how the node does over the winter.

AH6 node

  • Moteino (ATmega328 with RFM69HW)
  • Commercial SMA Dipole antenna
  • 6v Solar Panel (Voltaic Systems)
  • Adafruit Solar/DC/USB Lipo Charger
  • Plastic Container


  • Upgrade my car node (AH1) to new LPC812 node and add GPS, no battery so only transmits when the car is on.
  • Install solar powered node onto roof (probably magnet onto roof window) to act as well positioned repeater
  • Find local hosts for more nodes, will be interesting to see how if we can extend the range around Sevenoaks. If you would like to help out please get in touch.