3D Printing

Recently constructed a RepRapPro Huxley Duo 3D printer from a kit and have begun printing out objects both for personal use but also for projects such as UKHASnet. Currently working on an integrated UKHASnet gateway with a moteino and a Moxon directional antenna.

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A new project looking at developing a low cost, low powered, licence exempt wireless network that can be used at home, on balloons, on sea buoys and even satellites. Currently in the experimental stages with multiple nodes in clusters in the UK and abroad, and plans for multiple balloon flights to test capabilities in the air. First flight took place from EMF Camp 2014 and had packets being downlinked with a range of 65km.


Pegasus HAB Project

Started in 2005 the Pegasus HAB Project was a large collection of balloon launches exploring methods of launching, tracking, floating and recovering. Sub projects including the BallastHalo Series which developed the concept of the pinhole floater and attempted altitude control and the Firefly Series which use SMS as well as CW telemetry.



An adaptation of the well known open-source radio decoding software to allow it to decode balloon telemetry and then upload it to a central server. dl-fldigi runs on Mac, Linux and Windows and is used regularly for tracking balloons both in the UK but also across Europe and even the world.


A series of experimental balloon flights looking at the feasibility of using off the shelf mylar party balloons to develop super-pressure long duration balloons. Due to their small size (91cm in diameter) this required a miniaturisation of the standard balloon payload. The first flights used multiple balloons but as we were able to reduce the mass of the payload were able to switch to a single balloon which allowed us to begin to float the balloon at a particular altitude.